Cycling brings many real benefits to your community and helps improve the living space for everyone in many ways.

  • Every cyclist means one less vehicle on the road helping to reduce congestion. It is estimated that congestion costs the UK economy around £20 billion every year.
  • Cycling creates no pollution or fumes. The list of negative health effects from vehicle emmissions is a long one and includes respiratory problems, impaired immune system, increased risk of cancer, increased likelihood of asthma and many more.
  • Cycling creates safe and friendly spaces. Not only are instances of people being hit by a cyclist relatively rare, cyclists help to calm and slow traffic, reducing the risk of accident to other road users and pedestrians. Around 250,000 people are injured every year on our roads due to traffic - with some 2,500 killed.
  • Cycling produces little or no noise and does not disturb others. Living next to a cycle lane guarantees a good night's sleep - unlike living next to a motorway!
  • When's the last time you saw any roadkill on a cycle lane? Cycling is good for wildlife as well!
  • Ten bikes can be parked in the same space taken up by one car - reducing the need for endless car parks and making our streets less cluttered.

Help improve your community - go cycle!


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